GOP criticizes Shuler on ethics vote

January 7, 2009

In a sharply worded statement, the North Carolina Republican Party attacked Rep. Heath Shuler, D-Waynesville, for his vote on ethics rules in the 111th Congress.

The statement said, “Heath Shuler(D-NC) may have promised to change the way that business is done in Washington, but apparently he didn’t specify exactly how he would change it.  Shuler quickly abandoned his campaign promises to foster the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history when he joined the ranks of the Democrat-led Congress, and in short order toed the party line to enact the Democrats’ new House Rules for the 111th Congress.  Shuler helped his fellow Democrats pass the rules package which includes eliminating term limits for committee chairmen and making it easier to raise taxes on the American people.

“With Shuler’s support of the new rules comes a virtually unchecked power-grab for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.  Shuler threw his support behind  Pelosi’s efforts today to deliver a permanent power status to corrupt chairmen like (Rep)Charlie Rangel, and allow Democrats to shove tax increases through Congress at the expense of the American people. “

A spokesman for the GOP said Shuler’s vote will hurt working-class Americans with and keep Congress from reforming the financial system.

“Heath Shuler was happy to help Nancy Pelosi cement her grip on power so that members of Congress like Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank can forever wreak havoc on our financial system with their grossly negligent behavior,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain.  “While middle-class families are struggling in the face of an economic crisis, Heath Shuler, on the same day he was sworn-in to office, ignored calls for relief from his constituents and instead voted to make it easier for his fellow Democrats to raise taxes.”