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NRCC Announces Best Fundraising Month of Cycle
Axios polling is bad news for Gonzalez
Axios polling is bad news for Caraveo
Axios polling is bad news for Vasquez
Axios Poll: SKYROCKETING Latino support for border security
Inflation 🀝 Vicente Gonzalez
Inflation 🀝 Hillary Scholten
Inflation 🀝 Matt Cartwright
Inflation 🀝 Frank Mrvan
Inflation 🀝 Marcy Kaptur
Inflation 🀝 Emilia Sykes
Inflation 🀝 Susan Wild
Inflation 🀝 Angie Craig
Inflation 🀝 Greg Landsman
Inflation 🀝 Chris Deluzio
Inflation 🀝 Titus, Lee, and Horsford
Inflation 🀝 Gabe Vasquez
Inflation 🀝 Yadira Caraveo
Inflation 🀝 Darren Soto
Inflation 🀝 Sharice Davids
Inflation 🀝 Don Davis
ICYMI: Mayra Flores goes on offense against Gonzalez
Vasquez’s election year flip-flop
A great day to talk Bidenomics
REPORT: Vindman only receives 4 donations from VA-07
Sunland Park falls to the coyotes
ICYMI: Buckhout says Davis is “beholden to Biden”
Will anyone call out Eric Sorensen for his bald-faced lies?
She Just Can’t Help Herself
Greg Landsman turns Cincinnati into a border town
Val Hoyle thinks open border is good, actually
New Poll: Immigration is the top issue for Colorado
Eric Sorensen silent about cashless bail and his soft on crime policies
Border Town
Illegal La Mota donation to Andrea Salinas under scrutiny in new story
The effects of cashless bail hits Sorensen’s backyard
Daily Beast: New Docs Show Oregon Dem’s Support For Shady Cannabis Grant
β€œthe secretary did not actually answer the question at all.”
Another national headline about Eric Sorensen…
Landsman’s open border crisis hits Ohio
Dangerous Dave Min touts endorsement from the Squad
The clown car crash last night
We did it, Joe! (screwed the middle-class)
Blank Space Baby
Don Davis’ political border trip 2.0
Independent voters: Hire more border patrol
NRCC Statement on President Trump’s Visit to Grand Rapids
Matt Cartwright: Detached from reality or detaching himself from Bidenomics?
Inherent Freedom of Movement = Open Borders
Clown car AZ-01 Democrats shamefully silent on Hodge sex violence scandal
Extreme Engel bankrolls campaign with scandal-tainted cash