Pelosi's Poll Numbers Sink Below Cheney's as GOP Hounds Her on CIA Remarks

June 5, 2009

Republicans are trying to keep the spotlight on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for accusing the CIA of lying to Congress, saying her poll numbers show she’s out of step with voters and suggesting she step out of intelligence briefings since she doesn’t trust the source.
A new Gallup poll out Friday showed Pelosi’s favorability ratings are lower than that of former Vice President Dick Cheney, a popular target for Bush administration critics.
According to the poll of 1,015 national adults conducted May 29-31, 37 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Cheney and 34 percent have a favorable view of Pelosi. The margin of error is 3 percent.
Pelosi’s current image rates 50 percent unfavorable, an increase from six months ago, while Cheney’s unfavorability has dropped from 63 percent six months ago to 54 percent now. Independent and Republican voters are primarily responsible for Cheney’s improvement and Pelosi’s decline.
Sixty-two percent of Democrats view Pelosi favorably, down just slightly from 66 percent in November while Cheney’s popularity among Republicans grew from 62 percent to 70 percent.
Republicans immediately jumped on the new figures.

“The numbers are in and they couldn’t be any clearer; Nancy Pelosi has officially become a political liability for Democrats running for reelection across the country. Whether she is accusing the CIA of a crime, tolerating corruption within the highest ranks of her party, or advocating for reckless economic policies, the fact is the San Francisco speaker is out of step with voters and dragging down her party.” said Ken Spain, communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee….

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