Grayson Linked to Controversial Civil Rights Group

June 9, 2009

Alan Grayson has had a close relationship with the civil rights group for which he tried to get hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. As WDBO first reported, the freshman Representative requested $350,000 for the Florida Civil Rights Association, despite its history of controversy, and being run by a man the state says is not trustworthy enough to be a bail bondsman.

Grayson was actually a member of the FCRA before winning his seat in Congress, and became visibly angry when WDBO brought up his connections to the non-profit and its controversial chief, J. Willie David, a former bail bondsman and who one founding member calls a con-artist.

Read more: (Bob Hazen, “Congressman Linked to Controversial Civil Rights Group,” WDBO-AM 580, 6/09/09)