Grayson's earmark

June 9, 2009

Local radio station WDBO has posted its two-part investigation into an earmark requested by first-term Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who is emerging as a lightning rod for controversy.

From part 1 of the WBDO “special report“:

“Hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars could go to a civil rights group with a history of controversy. Congressman Alan Grayson is requesting a $350-thousand earmark for the non-profit group run by a man who, state regulators have said, is not trustworthy enough to be a bail bondsman. And it’s a group to which Grayson has had a close relationship.”

It’s usually bad news for a member of Congress when a local media outlet emblazons a story with the words “special report” or “investigation.” And when you are a freshman like Grayson, representing a district recently held by the opposing party, it’s even more troublesome.

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