Henry Cuellar's Submission on National Energy Tax

June 29, 2009

Henry Cuellar’s Submission on National Energy Tax
Cuellar Gives In to Party Bosses, Sells Out Constituents

WashingtonFriday, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) was a critical vote in passing the National Energy Tax, which the Wall Street Journal has called “the biggest tax in American history.” (“The Cap and Tax Fiction”, Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2009).

“As utility bills skyrocket and more jobs continue to be sent overseas, Texas families have Henry Cuellar to thank for selling out his constituents by supporting the National Energy Tax just to ingratiate himself to Democrat Party bosses in Washington,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Henry ‘Pelosi Puppet’ Cuellar owes his constituents an explanation as to why he abandoned his principles and disregarded the interests of his district when he bowed down to Speaker Pelosi.

Democrat leaders in Washington knew that this flawed bill was in serious danger of not passing; forcing them to resort to every backroom political maneuver they knew. One target was Cuellar, who previously claimed to be against the bill. Unfortunately for South Texans, Henry Cuellar couldn’t stand the heat. On June 25 Roll Call reported:

 “Cuellar has described himself as “leaning no,” since farm groups back home remain opposed. But the Texas Democrat said a call from Obama was having an impact on his thinking. “He’s pretty persuasive,” he said of the president.” (“Democrats Make Final Push on Climate Bill,” Roll Call, June 25, 2009)

Apparently President Obama was not persuasive enough, but a tap on the shoulder and a stern word from Speaker Pelosi did the trick:

“Obama tried and failed to convince Cuellar. On Thursday, Pelosi approached Cuellar on the House floor as he was telling a colleague about how he was going to reject the bill. The Speaker tapped him on the shoulder. “Henry,” she interrupted. “Can I talk to you about your vote?” Cuellar, who sits on the Agriculture Committee, later said he was still leaning no. He waited late in the roll call on Friday evening to register his position, voting yes.” (“The lawmakers who pushed climate bill to passage”, The Hill, June 29, 2009)

This legislation, which will raise energy prices, kill jobs and hurt key industries in his district such as agriculture, is bad for every hardworking American family across the nation. Henry Cuellar knew this, but instead of standing up for his constituents he chose to become another Pelosi Puppet.