Martin Heinrich Will Walk Pelosi’s Plank On Healthcare

August 3, 2009

Martin Heinrich Will Walk Pelosi’s Plank On Healthcare

After 5,000 New Mexicans Demand Answers, Heinrich Reluctantly Responds


Washington – In a tele-town hall reluctantly held by Martin Heinrich last Wednesday, the New Mexico Democrat declared his support for sweeping healthcare legislation that will force almost half of New Mexicans from their current health care provider. Over 5,000 constituents called in to voice their strong opinions on health care and finally get a much deserved answer from their previously silent representative:


“The town hall came on the heels of criticism directed at Heinrich this week by local media for his unwillingness to release statistics about constituent calls on health care reform.” (New Mexico Independent, Heinrich voices support of public option in health care ‘town hall’, Childress, 7/30/2009)


Unfortunately for New Mexicans, despite newly released studies depicting a grim picture, Heinrich told them to go fly a kite:


“Heinrich answered all the questions with an eye on full support for the public option..” (New Mexico Independent, Heinrich voices support of public option in health care ‘town hall’, Childress, 7/30/2009)


“Martin Heinrich seems to be one of many Democrats willing to walk Pelosi’s plank on healthcare,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “New Mexicans are realizing that Heinrich is more interested in hearing the demands of his party bosses rather than his constituents. Heinrich is just another ‘yes’ man to cave to the shrieking demands of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of his party leaders.”


But after a failed attempts at a ‘stimulus’ and a ‘cash for clunkers’ program that ran out of money in less than a week, New Mexicans might be wary about entrusting Democrats with their healthcare fate. If the Democrats’ previous attempts at government takeovers are any indication, then New Mexicans are in for some trouble.


As August arrives and with September on the horizon, New Mexicans will have to wait anxiously to see how their “representative” will vote. Will he do what’s right for New Mexicans and vote against this devastating legislation or will he walk Pelosi’s plank with all the other weak-kneed Dems?

According to a study by the Lewin Group, issued by the Heritage Foundation:

  • 45 percent of privately insured New Mexico residents would transition out of private insurance: Of the estimated 885,400 New Mexico residents with private health insurance, there would be a decline of 398,600 people with private coverage.
  • 51 percent of New Mexico residents with employer-based coverage would lose their current insurance: Of the estimated 838,700 New Mexico residents with employer-based coverage, 428,000 people would be shifted out of their current employer-based plan.
  • 82 percent of New Mexico residents in a health insurance exchange would end up in the public plan: Of the estimated 679,800 New Mexico residents who would obtain coverage through an exchange, 556,700 would be covered by the public plan.
  • 49 percent of the uninsured in New Mexico would still lack coverage: Of the estimated 318,000 New Mexico residents without health insurance, the legislation would only reduce the uninsured by 163,100, leaving 154,900 New Mexico residents without coverage. (Source: Heritage Foundation)