Where in the World is Tim Bishop Today?

August 3, 2009

Where in the World is Tim Bishop Today?
With Public Outrage Growing, Long Island Rep Tells Constituents to Beat It

Washington – Tim Bishop hasn’t had much luck lately when it comes to meeting with his constituents, so perhaps that is why he is refusing to meet with them at all this August. Growing public outrage over Bishop’s abandonment of Long Islanders may explain the reason for such secrecy. In June, Bishop voted for Democrats’ potentially devastating National Energy Tax and he is threatening to do the same when it comes to Democrats’ passing legislation that will initiate a massive government takeover of the healthcare system.
Bishop is no stranger to voters who are expressing disappointment with his record, as evidenced by a June town hall meeting where his constituents confronted him over his betrayal on the National Energy Tax, and the Democrat’s plan for a government takeover of healthcare. Perhaps that is why this August, with Congress in recess and Washington Democrats forced to return to their districts, Tim Bishop doesn’t want anyone, especially voters, to know where he is going to be. 

“‘I had felt they would be pointless,’ Rep. Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) told POLITICO, referring to his recent decision to suspend the events in his Long Island district. ‘There is no point in meeting with my constituents and listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation.’” (“Town halls gone wild,” Politico, July 31, 2009)

Bishop’s constituents have to ask themselves, how can Tim Bishop expect this type of conduct to be remotely constructive? Does Tim Bishop really believe he can properly do his job representing the people of the 1st District without even letting them be involved in the process?

“Behavior such as this from Rep. Bishop, while disgraceful, should come as no surprise to his constituents,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “He has consistently proven that he is more concerned with bowing to Speaker Pelosi and her partisan allies in Congress than with the welfare of his constituents. After selling out future generation with his vote on the stimulus boondoggle and voting for a job-killing National Energy Tax in June, hardworking families on Long Island should expect nothing less than total capitulation from Bishop when it comes to the massive government healthcare takeover now being promoted by Democrats in Congress. The saddest part is that Tim Bishop is refusing to man up and actually meet with those whom he keeps turning his back on.”

With Tim Bishop hiding somewhere on Long Island, voters are left wondering again today, where in the world is he?