Who Holds the Strings to Target Dems?

August 5, 2009

FYI, a version of the release below went out to the following districts: Joe Donnelly (IN-02); Brad Ellsworth (IN-08) and Baron Hill (IN-09.

Who Holds the Strings to Joe Donnelly?

As the President Takes His Show to Northern Indiana, Spotlight Shines on Donnelly


Washington- As the President takes his show to Northern Indiana, the spotlight will shine on Joe Donnelly as both have a lot of explaining to do to Hoosier families.  With a 10 point rise in unemployment within the past year to a staggering 16.8%, the Democrats’ failure to resuscitate an ailing Indiana economy is abundantly clear. With the healthcare debate in the forefront, President Obama will attempt to convince Hoosiers to ignore his previous track record of economic flops as Washington Democrats pave the way for their massive government healthcare takeover. And Obama and his puppeteers will look to Donnelly for some answers.


“Democrats are about to face judgment day as they bring their campaign to Indiana,” said NRCC Communications Director, Ken Spain. “With such a drastic drop in unemployment, it is apparent the administration’s economic policies aren’t working. Obama’s stop in Indiana will force Donnelly and Democrats to answer Hoosiers’ questions. Where are the jobs that were promised to them? And how will Donnelly vote on government takeover of healthcare after seeing the devastating consequences Democrats’ economic policies had on Indiana.”


Donnelly’s recent statements criticizing the Democrats’ government healthcare takeover must have resonated with constituents and his leaders alike – enough for the President to take notice and bring his show to the Elkhart area.


“I want to make sure the bill the president has on his desk will not increase the federal deficit by a dime,” said Donnelly. “It’s clear we need better health care. It’s clear we need health reform, but we need to do it the right way.” (Donnelly has issues with cost of health care plan, wsjv Fox 28, 7/24/2009)


With Hoosiers already voicing their concerns over the lagging Indiana economy, all eyes are on Obama and Donnelly as they’re forced to answer Hoosiers’ reckoning today.

“Plenty of concerns were raised about spending in Washington, the health-care and energy debates, and Obama’s stumble into the controversy over a Harvard professor’s arrest. But the discussions always returned to the economy.


Standing with one foot on the bumper of his Chevy pickup, Jerry Helmuth said he wants to see more of the change he heard about last year.


“I don’t think anybody can do anything in six months,” said Helmuth, a pastor. “But we haven’t seen much change yet. Up here, the issue is unemployment. We want to see some change on that.” (Wakarusa Wants More Than Just A Speech From Obama, The Indianapolis Star, Matthew Tully, 8/05/2009)