Democrat Dirty Laundry: Pelosi Stands by Her Cheating Man

September 10, 2009

Pelosi Stands by Her Cheating Man

Pelosi on Rangel Tax-Dodging: “I do not think he should step aside.”


SPIN CYCLE:Democrats Promised to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and Sweep Corruption out of Washington


“‘Drain the swamp’ means to turn this Congress into the most honest and open Congress in history. That’s my pledge — that is what I intend to do,’ Pelosi stated in an interview with NBC’s  Brian Williams.” (Brian Williams, “Rep. Pelosi poised to make history”, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, 11/08/2006)

RINSE CYCLE: While House Ethics Committee Investigation Intensifies, Pelosi Refuses to Apply Any Pressure on Rangel to Resign

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday morning that House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel, who has come under fire for tax-diversion issues in recent weeks, should not step aside and that the ethics process should play itself out.

“I do not think he should step aside,” she said.

This is consistent with what Pelosi has said all along about Rangel — she wants the House ethics committee to conduct its investigation before she makes any formal decisions about Rangel’s chairmanship. Republicans have called on Rangel to relinquish the gavel while under investigation. (Glenn Thrush, “Pelosi stands by Rangel,” Politico, 09/10/2009)

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