What is Bill Owens’ Definition Of A Tax Increase?

October 22, 2009

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 What is Bill Owens’ Definition Of A Tax Increase?
Owens and Pelosi Both Refuse to Come Clean

 Washington- Much like his good friend Nancy Pelosi, Bill Owens doesn’t seem quite sure how to define a tax increase. Pelosi’s most recent gaffe occurred during a CNBC interview last night, when she inaccurately claims that letting tax cuts expire will not amount to higher taxes. Since Bill Owens and Pelosi are, as usual, on the same page on this issue, Central and Northern New Yorkers deserve to know: What is Bill Owens’ definition of a tax increase? 


 Click here to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byJKJDD_92U

 “MARIA BARTIROMO: But– on the tax issue, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire would essentially be tax increase.

 NANCY PELOSI: That wasn’t a tax increase. It is– it is– eliminating a tax– decrease that was there.” (CNBC TRANSCRIPT: CNBC’S MARIA BARTIROMO SITS DOWN WITH SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, TODAY, WEDNESDAY, 10/21/2009)

Bill Owens appears to have taken the same tact as Nancy Pelosi, falsely alleging that repealing a tax cut somehow doesn’t equate to a tax increase:

“‘Republicans Doug Hoffman and Dede Scozzafava have shown their dedication to the failed George Bush economic policies by promising to extend tax cuts for the very wealthy while middle class families in Upstate New York are struggling, said Jon Boughtin, Owens campaign spokesman (Bill Owens for Congress, accessed 10/22/2009)

“November 3rd is quickly approaching and Bill Owens is running out of ways to hide the fact that he wants to raise taxes on Central and Northern New York families,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Owens’ party boss Nancy Pelosi has already paved the way for billions in higher taxes, and it’s clear that Bill Owens is more than happy to follow her lead.  No matter how much Bill Owens and Nancy Pelosi want to deflect their support for crippling tax hikes, Central and Northern New York families know that they can’t afford to send Owens to Washington.”

Will Bill Owens finally come clean and tell Central and Northern New Yorkers that he wants to hand Washington politicians more of their hard-earned money, or will he continue to dodge questions?