GOP May Have Its Grayson Challenger

December 1, 2009

From CQ Politics: “Insiders on Capitol Hill and in Orlando say they expect businessman Bruce O’Donoghue (R) to enter the 8th District race against Democratic freshman Rep. Alan Grayson and that a campaign announcement is expected shortly. “Things are progressing, and hopefully Bruce will be getting into the race soon,” said O’Donoghue adviser Michael Luethy on Monday. O’Donoghue has emerged as the top choice of national and state Republican officials after a series of potential top-tier contenders passed on the chance to challenge Grayson, who created a firestorm in September when he suggested on the House floor that the GOP health care plans call for people who get sick to “die quickly.” But even with the party behind O’Donoghue, the primary is going to be a crowded affair. Among those who have filed are local Tea Party organizer Patricia Sullivan, real estate developer Armando Gutierrez Jr., attorney Todd Long and military veteran Dan Fanelli. Long came close to winning the Republican primary last year against then-Rep. Ric Keller, who Grayson defeated in the general election. CQ Politics rates the general election race a Tossup.”
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