Blue Dog Boren: Democrats may lose Congress

January 11, 2010

From Tulsa World: “U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, Oklahoma’s only Democrat in Congress, predicts his party will lose seats in elections later this year. While such a statement falls in the category of conventional wisdom that historically has the party in power losing congressional seats in mid-term elections, Boren parts company with others within his own party by suggesting such a setback would be a “good thing for Oklahoma and for me.” “If we have a tight majority one way or another, that puts me in the driver’s seat,” the three-term lawmaker said. “In the 112th (Congress), I probably will have the most influence I have ever had, no matter who has the majority.” Describing a Republican takeover of the House as a “tall order” for the GOP, Boren said his party, even if it retains the majority in a new Congress that convenes in 2011, will be forced back toward the center politically. He pointed to new figures on job losses and described his party’s legislative agenda last year as one of missed opportunities on the economic front. “I think the House Democratic leadership along with the administration made a very large mistake by focusing on a lot of different pieces of legislation that would not do a lot to help the economy,” Boren said. …”
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