Charlie Cook: "Very hard" to see how Democrats keep House

February 22, 2010

Political handicapper Charlie Cook said that it was “very hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House” in an interview with National Journal late last week.


Cook, who, in the interest of full disclosure, gave the Fix our first job in political Washington, went on to note that while House Republicans have their fair share of problems but “you could triple the Republican Party’s problems and I’d still rather have their problems than the problems facing Democrats.”


Cook has, of late, been extremely down on Democrats’ chances — an attitude born of “fundamental, total miscalculations from the very, very beginning” by the White House about the direction to take the country. Cook added that the White House’s miscalculations in terms of their agenda were “of proportions comparable to President George W. Bush’s decision to go into Iraq.”


Stu Rothenberg, another noted political handicapper in Washington, has pegged Democratic House losses as between 24 and 28 seats. He writes: “We currently expect Republicans to fall short of the 40 seats they would need.”
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