Sacrifice for Nancy?

March 2, 2010

Dear Naive Republican,

Sacrifice has always been a integral part of American society. That’s why I need you to be willing to sacrifice for me today so that I can ram a government takeover of healthcare through Congress.

Sacrifice what? Your job. Your hard-earned money. Your constitutional rights.

Now does that sound like I am asking a lot?

I mean, I will be voting for government-run healthcare and will have to go back to San Francisco to sell it. That is the sacrifice I am willing to make to ensure Washington controls your health care – which is why I have given my performance as Speaker an “A” for the effort I have put forth, thankfully not the results.

I’m even asking my Democrat colleagues to sacrifice their jobs too so that – together – we can pass an unwanted, unworkable, government takeover of healthcare.

Since most Americans disapprove of the job Democrats are doing in Congress, asking them to sacrifice their jobs may actually be welcomed by voters.

The bottom line is this: we cannot move forward with the president’s proposal unless my colleagues and the American people are willing to sacrifice their jobs and healthcare… it’s that simple.

So please join me in this great sacrifice to ensure the greater good. After all, Washington knows best.

Thank you,
“Nancy Pelosi”

P.S. I have already sacrificed my credibility. Why else would I still allow Charlie Rangel to be the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee? Or how I downplayed his admonishment by the House Ethics Committee thusly, “It was not a–something that jeopardized our country in any way.”

P.P.S. Don’t click here and don’t make a generous contribution to the National Republican Congressional Committee — with the fight over government-run health care moving to the House, I don’t need principled Republicans standing in the way. They need to win 40 seats for a majority in Congress, and every dollar you contribute will help them reach that goal. So don’t do it!


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