Shea-Porter Returns Rangel Money

March 2, 2010

Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is returning all campaign contributions from Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-New York) after a panel last week said he had violated ethics rules for not disclosing a corporate junket to the Carribbean.
“Congresswoman Shea-Porter decided to return all campaign contributions from Representative Rangel, and has done so,” a statement provided to late Monday night read.
As a candidate in 2006 Shea-Porter was heavily critical of then Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley for refusing to return money from an ethically challenged House Majority Leader Tom Delay.
With the announcement Shea-Porter becomes the first member from New Hampshire to return the Rangel money. Other Granite State Democrats who have received money from Rangel’s PAC include Jeanne Shaheen, Katrina Swett and Paul Hodes.
Hodes said last week that the Rangel money was spent from an account that has sine been closed.

Read more: (James Pindell, “Shea-Porter Returns Rangel Money,”, 03/02/10)