Breaking: Massa (D, NY-29) To Resign

March 5, 2010

From Hotline On Call: “Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) will resign Monday at 5pm, a source close to the embattled incumbent tells Hotline OnCall. Massa has been pressured by House Dems to step aside amid an ethics controversy that caused him to announce earlier this week he would not run for a second term. Earlier this week, the House ethics committee confirmed it was looking in to allegations against Massa. Those allegations reportedly include sexual harassment of a member of the Congressman’s staff. Massa’s decision to retire came as a surprise to both parties. While he said his decision was based on a recurrence of cancer, the ethics committee investigation made Dems push him out the door. Both fields in the race for the southern tier seat, based around Elmira, have been scrambled. Though GOPers united behind Corning Mayor Tom Reed (R) when they assumed Massa would be seeking a second term, his departure has other contenders rethinking their plans to run. For more on the race, check out our look at the emerging GOP field. Massa’s resignation doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a special election. The only timetable for a special is that, after Gov. David Paterson (D) declares the seat vacant, he must set date no later than 40 days after that. But if he chooses not to declare the seat vacant, there will be no special, and the seat will be without representation until the general election in Nov.”