Code Red Billboard Tells North Dakota: “Stop Obamacare, Beat Pomeroy”

March 10, 2010

Code Red Billboard Tells North Dakota: “Stop Obamacare, Beat Pomeroy”

NRCC Campaign Continues To Apply Pressure To Pomeroy Ahead Of Looming Healthcare Vote


Washington- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), announced today the latest installment of its Project Code Red offensive. The NRCC has launched a back-to-basics campaign effort with a new billboard in North Dakota alerting voters that the Obama-Pelosi healthcare agenda runs through Earl Pomeroy. Pomeroy was quick to lend his support to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar government takeover of healthcare last fall and these two Washington Democrats are hoping that they can count on his vote again. With her caucus in a state of chaos, Pelosi needs to scrape together every last vote to ram this bill through Congress and send it to the President’s desk. In order to achieve the critical 216-vote threshold, Pelosi cannot afford to lose Pomeroy’s support, and it’s up to the people of North Dakota to let their Congressman know that they overwhelmingly opposethis legislation. The billboard is located at 309 North Third Street in Bismarck, North Dakota and reads “Stop Obamacare, Beat Pomeroy:”


“Democrats are working overtime as they plot to ram their last-ditch healthcare effort through Congress, and they’re hoping that Earl Pomeroy gives Nancy Pelosi and President Obama his seal of approval on a partisan healthcare bill that has already been rejected by the American people,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain.  “Obama and Pelosi seem to have Pomeroy’s vote in their pocket – no matter what his constituents think. Pomeroy has already rubber-stamped the trillion-dollar Obamacare takeover once, and North Dakotans can’t afford him doing it again.”


Pomeroy already backed Obama’s healthcare takeover last November and has not yet decided if he’ll do so again. On a bill where every vote counts, Earl Pomeroy’s vote in support of Obama’s trillion dollar government takeover of healthcare takeover could devastate struggling middle-class North Dakota families. Earl Pomeroy won’t stand up for the best interests of North Dakota families so it’s time that North Dakotans take a stand against Pomeroy and pull the plug on his political career.