NRCC’s Project Code Red Launches New TV Ad Against Chris Carney

March 16, 2010

NRCC’s Project Code Red Launches New TV Ad Against Chris Carney

Facing Critical Vote On Government Healthcare Takeover, Carney’s Political Career is on Life Support


Washington- As part of its latest Project Code Red offensive, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today is launching a 30-second TV ad reminding Pennsylvania families about Chris Carney’s vote for President Obama’s trillion dollar government takeover of healthcare. Given Carney’s record of rubber-stamping Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda 91 percent of time, and the fact that only 37 percent of Pennsylvanians support this health plan, the Democrat’s political career is now on life support. The ad, which is titled “Heartbeat,” encourages Pennsylvanians to sign an online petition against the latest attempt to ram a healthcare bill through Congress by texting “Carney Code Red” to 777218.


To view the video, click here.


“After campaigning on bipartisanship, Chris Carney’s support for his party’s agenda of government takeovers and fewer jobs has put his political career on life support,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Democrats are wasting no time in plotting their efforts to ram a partisan healthcare bill through Congress, and they’re looking at Carney to help scrape together another razor-thin majority.  Chris Carney has a choice – will he finally stand up for Northeast Pennsylvania families and vote against the Democrats’ reckless healthcare takeover or will he cave to his radical Washington party bosses again and allow his political career to perish?”

Carney already backed Obama’s healthcare takeover last November and now the President is counting on his vote again. Chris Carney’s political career is in critical condition and Pennsylvanians are suffering. If he casts one more vote in support of Obama’s government healthcare takeover and against the best interests of Pennsylvania families, he might as well be pulling the plug on his own political career.

Chris Carney (D-PA), still undecided on #hc takeover, targeted with Code Red TV ad #gopcodered