Steve Driehaus faces primary foe

April 1, 2010

WASHINGTON – Freshman Rep. Steve Driehaus,
a Democrat, is in line for a tough rematch
election this year against former Rep. Steve
Chabot, a Republican.But first, Driehaus must win the 1st District
Democratic primary on May 4.

Driehaus, of West Price Hill, is being challenged
by Democrat Eric Wilson of Mount Auburn, a
lawyer and frequent candidate who says he’s the
only abortion-rights proponent in the Democratic

He’s right. Driehaus does not support abortion
rights. He voted for the health-care reform bill
only after President Barack Obama agreed to
sign an executive order guaranteeing that
federal funds won’t pay for abortions.

Driehaus told The Enquirer that he welcomes the

“The way our system is structured, if you turn in
the appropriate number of signatures, you can
be on the ballot,” Driehaus said. “It’s a great
system. It allows everyone an equal opportunity
to run for office.”

Wilson is not new to campaigning, but he’s never
won an election. He ran as a write-in
congressional candidate in the 2008 general
election, drawing 85 votes. Driehaus won the 1st
District with 151,913 votes.

Wilson has also run for the Cincinnati City
Council. He placed 19th in 2005 and 24th in
2003.Wilson did not respond to an interview request
submitted through his Web site.

Chabot, who held the 1st District seat for 14
years, is unopposed in the Republican primary.

Rich Stevenson, a Green Party candidate, is also
unopposed. Stevenson previously ran for the seat
as a Natural Law Party candidate in 2000.

Two candidates are running in the Libertarian
primary: Jim Berns, who protested the health
care bill in front of Driehaus’ home last weekend,
and Jared Croxton.

So far, only Driehaus and Chabot have raised any
money, according to the Federal Election
Commission. Driehaus had $762,000 on hand to
Chabot’s $613,000 as of Dec. 31, 2009.

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