Democrat Dirty Laundry: The Democrats’ Goldman Parachute

April 19, 2010

The Democrats’ Goldman Parachute
Obama & Co. Claim to be Taking on Wall Street, but Permanent Bailout Bill Would “Benefit Goldman,” a Top Dem Contributor

Goldman Sachs Supports the Democrats’ Permanent Bailout of Wall Street

“In his self-styled war against Wall Street, President Obama appears to have a powerful ally: Goldman Sachs.

“The nation’s largest investment bank, famously cozy with top government officials in both parties, has tipped its hand to its shareholders, indicating that major financial ‘reform’ proposals will help Goldman’s bottom line.” (Timothy P. Carney, “Goldman Rallies for Obama in Wall Street ‘Reform,'” The Washington Examiner, 4/16/10)

Goldman Sachs Would Benefit from the Democrats’ Permanent Bailout of Wall Street

“We have also urged the Senate to rewrite its flawed financial regulatory-reform bill precisely because it would benefit Goldman and other giant banks with explicit bailout powers available to assist them.” (Editorial, “The SEC vs. Goldman,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/19/10)

The Democrat Majority: Built on Goldman Sachs’ Wall Street Cash