Fundraiser Further Exposes Target Dems' Liberal Roots

June 21, 2010

FYI, a version of the release below went out to the following districts: Chris Carney (PA-10) and Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03).

Fundraiser Further Exposes Dahlkemper’s Liberal Roots

Is Dahlkemper Finally Ready to Admit She’s A Liberal Democrat?

Washington- Finally and unsurprisingly, Pennsylvania Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper will unveil her close ties to her party’s radical Democrat base. Despite representing a conservative, right-leaning district, Dahlkemper will be holding a fundraiser hosted by two notoriously liberal Democratic fundraisers. Headlining the event are some of Pennsylvania’s prominent Democrat partisans, including Representative Allyson Schwartz, who leads the left-leaning New Democrat Coalition Taskforce on Health, and Representative Bob Brady, chairman of the Philadelphia Democrat Party.

After supporting Nancy Pelosi over 90 percent of the time and rubber-stamping her party’s radical healthcare takeover and failed trillion-dollar stimulus, Dahlkemper has put herself at odds with her center-right constituents. Recognizing Dahlkemper’s noticeable uphill battle to re-election, her liberal friends are doing everything they can to keep their close ally in Congress.

“‘Congress members Carney and Dahlkemper played a significant role in passing health care reform,’ Weinstein wrote in an e-mail to supporters. ‘We can’t pass historic legislation, like health care reform, in Congress without Democrats holding on to House districts in more moderate areas of our state and country.'”

“Over the past 22 months, despite the fact that there is a Republican majority in both districts and that President Obama lost in both districts, Congresspersons Carney and Dahlkemper have been incredible champions of health care reform.” (“Carney, Dahlkemper sharing a Philly Fundraiser,”, 06/15/20)

“Kathy Dahlkemper lost the right to call herself a moderate Democrat a long time ago, but now it appears that she is ready to come clean about her liberal roots,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Dahlkemper has always been a staunch supporter of Nancy Pelosi and her radical agenda, voting with her over 90 percent of the time and playing a vital role in passing her party’s failed trillion-dollar stimulus and healthcare takeover. Now, by openly rubbing elbows with Pennsylvania’s most prominent liberal Democrats, Dahlkemper will need all the campaign cash she can get to survive what will be a bruising battle to re-election in this conservative district.”