June 29, 2010

This just came in on the Mount Blogmore teletype machine, with bells ringing:

“Noem is a GOP Young Gun.”

Tom Erickson, Midwest regional press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee in D.C. (and a computer savvy guy who also know how to run a teletype) sent out the word that Kristi Noem has gone from “On the Radar” to “Young Gun,” passing the middle “Contender” step.

“We were so impressed with her performance in the primary and her message so far, we thought it was important to move her,” Erickson said.

The Young Gun status with NRCC means Noem has met benchmark requirements in organizing, fundraising, staff hiring and preparing for a competitive general election – against the incumbent Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

It also means she’ll get a lot of help from the NRCC, which we already knew.

Blake Curd, who finished third behind Noem and SOS CHris Nelson in the GOP U.S. House primary, was “On the Radar” in his race. He never made the next step.

Which, of course, left him lamenting, and mumbling a line from On the Waterfront.

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