NRCC has 39 'Guns' ready for November

June 30, 2010

The National Republican Congressional Committee now has 39 challengers who it considers “Young Guns.” The committee’s candidate training and promotion program added 16 members to its top echelon Wednesday.

Not coincidentally, it’s the number needed for the GOP retake control of the House.

“The latest Young Guns class is a testament to the strength of our candidates this year,” House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said in a statement. “When these 16 Young Guns come to Washington as new members of Congress, they’ll join our fight to change the culture of spending that the Democrat majority has forced on our country.”

There were three candidates from Illinois promoted, including state Sen. Randy Hultgren (R), who defeated the NRCC-backed Ethan Hastert in the February primary and will face Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) in November.

An official with the committee told The Ballot Box this won’t be its last round of candidates elevated to full Young Gun status.

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-Updated at 11:54 a.m.

Andy Barr (Ky.-06)
Rick Crawford (Ark.-01)
Robert Dold (Ill.-10)
Keith Fimian (Va.-11)
Stephen Fincher (Tenn.-08)
Mike Fitzpatrick (Pa.-08)
David Harmer (Calif.-11)
Joe Heck (Nev.-03)
Randy Hultgren (Ill.-14)
Robert Hurt (Va.-05)
Adam Kinzinger (Ill.-11)
David McKinley (W.Va.-01)
Mick Mulvaney (S.C.-05)
Kristi Noem (S.D.-AL)
Tom Reed (N.Y.-29)
Todd Young (Ind.-09)

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