NRCC Announces New ‘On the Radar’ and ‘Contender’ Candidates

July 21, 2010

NRCC Announces New ‘On the Radar’ and ‘Contender’ Candidates
32 Republican Candidates Take Steps Toward ‘Young Gun’ Status

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today announced its newest round of ‘On the Radar’ and ‘Contender’ candidates. By reaching the first and second step of the three-step ‘Young Guns’ program, these candidates have proven their ability to build a successful campaign structure and achieve important goals and benchmarks. Now, these candidates are ready to hold the out-of-touch Democrat majority accountable for their agenda of more spending, fewer jobs, and record-breaking debt.

Originally founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a member-driven organization, the Young Guns program has become an official NRCC effort dedicated to electing open-seat and challenger candidates nationwide.

“These candidates have worked hard to meet the benchmarks set to place them on the road to victory,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions. “With voters frustrated with an out-of-touch Democrat majority, these candidates are willing to take the necessary steps to achieve our goal of retiring Nancy Pelosi and winning and building a lasting Republican majority. As House Democrats continue their runaway spending binge at the expense of jobs and economic recovery, struggling middle-class families will hold them accountable this fall.”

While already achieving certain benchmarks to place them on the road to victory, ‘On the Radar’ and ‘Contender’ candidates now face a new set of rigorous benchmarks that will continue to help them build competitive, effective and winning campaigns.

The NRCC’s ‘On The Radar’ and ‘Contender’ Candidates Are:

On the Radar:

Dee Adcock (PA-13)
Jason Allen (MI-01)
Dan Benishek (MI-01)
Susan Bitter Smith (AZ-05)
Tim Burns (PA-12)
Donna Campbell (TX-25)
Peter Corrigan (OH-10)
Hunt Downer (LA-03)
Rich Iott (OH-09)
Bill Johnson (OH-06)
Jeff Landry (LA-03)
Ben Lange (IA-01)
Delia Lopez (OR-03)
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02)
Star Parker (CA-37)
Keith Rothfus (PA-04)
Frank Scaturro (NY-04)
Brad Zaun (IA-03)


Charlie Bass (NH-02)
Francisco Canseco (TX-23)
Dan Debicella (CT-04)
Randy Demmer (MN-01)
Chris Gibson (NY-20)
Jaime Herrera (WA-03)
Dan Kapanke (WI-03)
Mike Kelly (PA-03)
John Koster (WA-02)
Michele Rollins (DE-AL)
Jon Runyan (NJ-03)
Bobby Schilling (IL-17)
Scott Sipprelle (NJ-12)
Steve Southerland (FL-02)