Recess Roastings: Dem Can’t Give Straight Answer to Constituent on His Own Advisory Council

August 17, 2010

Dem Can’t Give Straight Answer to Constituent on His Own Advisory Council
One of the Few Dems to Hold Town Halls Is Full of Excuses
Democrats Expected a Free Ride This August:

“After a jam-packed legislative session marked by the passage of controversial bills like Wall Street reform, Democrats will hit the campaign trail armed with talking points to draw distinctions between the two parties. And the Democratic leadership is predicting they will get a gentler reception this time.” (Alex Altman, “Recess ’10: Democrats Work to Ensure a Friendlier Reception This Year,” TIME, 8/2/10)

Recess Roasting: Perriello Gets Earful from Advisory Council Member Who Can’t Get a Straight Answer:

While many wanted to talk about jobs, others wanted to talk about taxes and health care reform.

Lynn Tucker, a Pittsylvania County resident, serves on an advisory council to Perriello for veterans affairs — something The (Lynchburg) News & Advance reported in July because Perriello organized a field hearing for Tucker to help her son, a disabled Marine, get his medical benefits.

But Monday, Tucker wanted to talk about the nation’s medical benefits. She asked Perriello whether the majority of his constituents were “pleased with your vote” on health care reform, and which poll could he cite to prove so.

Perriello acknowledged his working relationship with Tucker, adding “I don’t think we’ll always agree on things.”

The level of support for health care reform “depends on how you ask the question,” he told her, saying many polls showed high support for the individual components within the legislation. But “as a whole, those numbers have fluctuated.”

“My job is to do what’s best for the district,” Perriello said. “…We can’t afford to keep going the way we were going.”

Tucker remained unsatisfied.

“I think you’re evading an answer,” she said. (Catherine Amos, “Dozens in Chatham Turn Out for Town Hall,” Lynchburg News & Advance, 8/17/10)

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