Djou ad hits back at Democratic governors

August 18, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – “This congressional seat is not owned by any political party, union or special interest,” Charles Djou said.

The line is from his new radio spot that fires back at the three democratic ex-governors who teed off on his campaign for Congress.

On Sunday, George Ariyoshi, John Waihee and Ben Cayetano characterized Djou as being a bad fit for Hawaii’s congressional delegation and against President Obama.

“Saying ‘no’ is not being creative. You don’t know what that person stands for,” Ariyoshi said at a news conference.

Republican Gov. Linda Lingle called their comments amusing and wrong.

“I think it was ironic that of all the governors it was Gov. Ariyoshi who talked about Charles saying no because Gov. Ariyoshi was the biggest just-say-no governor ever when it came to spending,” she said.

Political analyst Dan Boylan said the power trio’s message may have been made to set the table for the primary and general elections.

If Djou’s strong polling holds true and he wins this week’s special election, they don’t want it to be by a landslide.

“They want to keep his vote down if nothing else because a larger vote, a stronger vote, gives his incumbency more credibility,” he said.

Some believe Djou’s credibility would get a boost if Lingle was more visible in her support of Djou.

“Whether you see me that much in public supporting him shouldn’t give you the wrong impression. I’m behind him 100 percent,” she said.

“Mr. Djou is walking in the opposite direction politically,” Waihee said Sunday.

The three ex-governors’ anti-Djou comments may have drowned out their get-out-the-vote message to democrats.

It gives Djou another talking point.


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