Hanna Comes to Auburn

September 1, 2010

Auburn has been or will be a stop for both candidates running in the 24th Congressional District.

Richard Hanna, who is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines, came to Auburn on Tuesday. During his visit, I was able to sit down with Hanna to have a conversation about the race and what kind of candidate he is as the race heads into September.

Hanna also visited two local businesses while in Cayuga County. He toured Ide Machine and Jacob’s Press before stopping at Boyle Center to meet with seniors and discuss issues impacting them.

I plan on conducting a more in-depth interview later on with Hanna, but what I can say is he is ready for this race. He talked about not knowing what to expect in 2008 when he first ran and not having a whole lot of support from the national Republicans. Many people thought, in 2008 (a good year for Democrats), that Hanna would have no chance. He proved them wrong, coming within percentage points and less than 10,000 votes from defeating Rep. Michael Arcuri.

This time around, Hanna knows more. He has the one campaign under his belt and he’s better prepared. He also has the support of Republicans, locally and nationally.

Hanna is considered by political handicappers as having, at the very least, a slight lead in this race. Stuart Rothenberg calls this race one that is a toss-up/tilts Republican.

When Hanna announced his candidacy, he told me the financial state of the economy as a reason for running again.

“We are fostering a political system that spends most of its time at war with itself ignoring its responsibilities to its citizens and the future,” Hanna said. “As we live through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression every American’s share of our multitrillion dollar debt is over $184,000. If we do not begin to act responsibly and with urgency we risk being the last generation to pass to our children the full promise of our upstate community and this nation.”

Rep. Arcuri will be coming to Auburn Thursday to talk social security with seniors at the Boyle Center and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Executive will recognize Arcuri for his support of Social Security.

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