Sean Duffy pledges more contact with communities

September 24, 2010

Republican congressional candidate Sean Duffy officially faces Democratic state Sen. Julie Lassa in the 7th Congressional District race, but his seven promises to residents introduced in Wausau on Thursday largely were targeted at retiring Rep. Dave Obey.
Duffy said he will continue to live in Wisconsin, hold town hall meetings in each of the 20 counties that make up the district and support term limits.
The former district attorney for Ashland County criticized Obey for living outside the congressional district and having infrequent town hall meetings.
“These are things I can promise to accomplish,” Duffy said. “You should have access to your congressman, see him on weekends and during the week in the community.”
Also included in Duffy’s list: support for posting bills online for 72 hours before a vote is taken and congressional term limits.
Lassa’s campaign spokeswoman Haley Morris criticized Duffy’s list as a collection of catchphrases Monday after Duffy first unveiled them in Wisconsin Rapids.
Duffy said district residents repeatedly have asked about posting bills online and term limits on the campaign trail. Asked why he didn’t promise to propose or sponsor legislation to make those changes, Duffy said he would “absolutely” advocate for term limits and online bill posting if elected.
“These are not unreasonable; they’re part of open government,” Duffy said. “People in Wisconsin are saying, ‘We don’t know what’s happening, what’s being passed,'” he said.
Morris criticized Duffy for not presenting a formal proposal on the national economy or jobs this far into his candidacy.
“While Duffy has made his travel plans clear, he still neglects to mention what he actually plans to do when he’s there. Voters still want to know where Sean Duffy stands and what he plans to do in Washington.”
Duffy rejected suggestions that he hasn’t offered enough information about his plans if elected as a member of Congress.
“You’re asking about a formal document; that will come out in short order,” Duffy said. “I wouldn’t have this much traction in this district if I didn’t have a strong message on the economy, jobs and debt.”
The general election is Nov. 2.

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