Delegate Griffith says he is confident in 9th District race

September 27, 2010

Delegate Morgan Griffith says fourteen terms is enough and Congressman Rick Boucher’s time is up.

“I think the 9th District is more conservative than Obama, Pelosi and Boucher,” said Griffith during a media conference call on Monday.

A recent ad paid for by Griffith, sends that message home. The ad focuses on President Obama quoting how he “loves Rick Boucher”.

“I don’t really see that as negative because if you like those policies than you should vote for Boucher,” said Griffith.

As far as advertising goes, the NRCC picked up the 9th district race as a targeted race and will reportedly be shelling out $82,000 on ads against Boucher. However, Griffith admitted they will not come close to the amount of money Boucher already has in the bank.

“He clearly will be able to outspend us on the air we just hope our ground game is sufficient to overcome that.”

A new ad popped up on Congressman Boucher’s website calling out Griffith for not living in the district.

WSLS asked about that issue today and he pointed out to us he literally lives right outside the 9th district line.

After expected redistricting in 2011, he and thousands of others will be 9th district residents. He then said the fact Boucher used that in ads tells him something.

“Conventional wisdom would be that he would not run such an ad if his internal polls didn’t show he was slipping badly or he may even be behind at this point,” said

The latest Ssurvey USA poll shows Boucher with a ten point lead over Griffith.

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