Hartzler: Boehner pledges seat on Armed Services Committee

October 12, 2010

An interesting piece of news came out of Tuesday night’s political forum in St Robert. It was an announcement made by Missouri 4th Congressional District candidate, Republican Vicky Hartzler.

“We’ve received news that Republican leader John Boehner has pledged, if we take the majority, that he will save a seat for me on the Armed Services Committee,” Hartzler said to cheers from some of the 400 plus gathered at the senior center in St. Robert.

That is noteworthy because her opponent, Democratic Congressman Ike Skelton, has made veterans issues a major focus of the campaign. He is currently chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Fort Leonard Wood is located in the 4th district.

Tuesday night, both candidates appeared at the same event for the first time in this campaign. It was a forum that allowed each of them to speak to the audience for 10 minutes but did not allow for questions from the crowd or for the candidates to address one another directly.

Before Hartzler’s announcement, Rep. Skelton spoke of what he’s done for Fort Leonard Wood and its importance to the area. “These are trying times,” he said, “But I think these are times for us to band together, support those in uniform, let our neighbors know the importance of those who serve our country.”

Democrat Skelton has been in the Congress since 1977.

Republican Hartzler was a state representative from 1994 to 2000.

There are no debates scheduled between the two.

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