NRCC TV Ad Highlights Debt and Government Waste Supported by Matheson

February 22, 2011

NRCC TV Ad Highlights Debt and Government Waste Supported by Matheson
Two Years After Failed Stimulus, Utah Residents Still Disappointed, Still Waiting for Job Creation

Washington – Two years ago, Jim Matheson decided against voting for the best interests of his Utah constituents and voted instead to green-light Nancy Pelosi’s big-spending, big-government solution to a stagnant economy. The National Republican Congressional Committee has released a new ad reminding Matheson’s constituents that he decided to vote in lockstep with Democratic leadership in passing a stimulus package that has proven to do little to alleviate an economic crisis. Instead, the failed stimulus has only piled on to the national debt and has done very little to stem rising unemployment rates.

“Jim Matheson has consistently put the interests of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party ahead of his district, especially since he voted for the failed stimulus bill two years ago,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Two years later, Americans are still waiting for promised job creation, but all Matheson’s failed stimulus gave them was more debt and government waste. He should have learned his lesson, but Matheson, to this day, continues to support job-destroying, big-spending Democrat policies.”

Watch the full video here:
The text for the ad is outlined as follows:
SINGING: Happy birthday to you…happy birthday…

ANNOUNCER: The stimulus bill is having a birthday.

Two years ago, Obama and Pelosi used their Washington monopoly to pass the stimulus.

And Utah’s piece?

Taxpayers got billions of wasteful spending.

It was supposed to create jobs…but it created more debt.

And Jim Matheson voted for it.

Since Matheson helped pass the stimulus, Utah lost 38,000 more jobs.

Jim Matheson and President Obama. They take the cake.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

At this point, Jim Matheson should have learned that bloated government spending bills fail to cure economic ills, but he hasn’t. In what can only be seen as acceptance, Matheson has remained tight-lipped on President Obama’s FY 2012 budget that pushes for the same reckless spending policies that voters in November soundly rejected. This week he also voted against a Republican plan to cut government spending and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington. If Matheson’s support for the stimulus, his silence on a job-destroying proposed budget and vote against spending cuts are any indication, Matheson has a long way to go until he meets Utah’s needs.