New NRCC Ad: Ross Continues Democrat Spree of Spending & Borrowing

April 26, 2011

New NRCC Ad: Ross Continues Democrat Spree of Spending & Borrowing
Arkansas Democrat Avoids Taking a Stand Against Excess Spending

Washington — The National Republican Congressional Committee today released a radio ad highlighting Mike Ross’ refusal to take any stance on any budget plans to cut spending and rein in the spending spree he and his fellow Democrats have championed. As Democrats continue to fight tooth and nail to protect their spending and borrowing ways, Ross has stood side by side with his Democrat colleagues who would rather continue borrowing money from countries like China than have the government live within its means. The result is that Ross’ failed Democrat policies are expediting a looming debt and interest crisis which would crush the American economy, heavily impacting small businesses and families across Arkansas.

“Mike Ross has been part of the problem in Washington for years, marching alongside Nancy Pelosi as they spent trillions they didn’t have and borrowed it from countries like China instead of being remotely responsible,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Rather than having the federal government live within its means, Ross continued to spend and borrow, placing that the burden of that interest and debt on small businesses, families and future generations in Arkansas. He continues this today as he dodges more and more opportunities to get serious and refuses to quit his Democrat spending spree.”

To hear the ad, click here:

The ad reads as follows:

ANNCR: The federal government is fourteen trillion dollars in debt. And what did Congressman Mike Ross do to cut spending?

Drum roll please…….

That’s it. Nothing.

In one day, Mike Ross refused to vote for ANY of the budget proposals to cut spending or reduce the deficit.

Five separate plans – Ross refused to support any of them.

Some plans cut a little. Some plans cut a lot.

Mike Ross refused to help cut ANYTHING.

It’s not the first time. Last year, Mike Ross and Nancy Pelosi failed to pass any budget, and Washington just continued to spend your money recklessly.

Mike Ross’s votes in Congress would keep us deeper in debt.

Thanks to changes in Arkansas’ congressional districts, you may be put into Mike Ross’s district.

Call Congressman Ross at 202-225-3121. Tell him America needs leadership, not a congressman who refuses to cut spending.

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