Obama’s 2012 Goal

April 26, 2011

Dear Supporter,

President Obama outlined one of his goals for 2012 at a high-dollar fundraiser in San Francisco. There, the President predicted a return to the Speakership for Pelosi, when he stated, “I think [she] will go down in history as one of the finest Speakers that we have ever had, and she is going to continue to be, in the future, one of the great Speakers that we’ve ever had.”

…going to continue to be, in the future, one of the great Speakers…“?

President Obama and his billion dollar campaign machine, have committed to returning the Speaker’s Gavel to Nancy Pelosi – will you commit to fight with House Republicans and ensure this does not happen?

I know House Republicans are ready to stand against the Democrat’s propaganda machine – which is whyevery dollar you donate between now and midnight on 4/30 will immediately be doubled by my GOP colleagues.

There is too much at stake to remain on the sidelines. Take immediate action to ensure your children’s future is not mortgaged by President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.


Pete Sessions
NRCC Chairman


P.S. Don’t let Pelosi become Speaker, stand strong with the NRCC. Your support is critical, and will be doubled by House Republicans, to ensure no Democrat attack goes unanswered.