Hochul & Davis Agree: Pelosi Has “Done a Great Job!”

May 12, 2011

Hochul & Davis Agree: Pelosi Has “Done a Great Job!”
Kathy Hochul and Jack Davis Share Enthusiasm for Pelosi’s Leadership and Policies

Washington — In a recent interview, Kathy Hochul warmly agreed with fellow Democrat and career-candidate Jack Davis by declaring that Nancy Pelosi has “done a great job for this country” as the former Speaker of the House. Hochul continues to stand with Davis in their commitment to bring back the spending and borrowing that defined Pelosi’s leadership, which left behind a legacy of jobs lost and debt owed to foreign countries like China.

“Kathy Hochul’s praise for Pelosi’s leadership demonstrates she is no different from three-time Democrat candidate and proud Pelosi supporter Jack Davis,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Regardless of their self-appointed labels, constituents in Western New York understand that a vote for Hochul or Davis is the same exact thing – a return of the spend and borrow Democrat politics of the past which will destroy jobs and leave future generations indebted to foreign countries like China.”

Kathy Hochul praised Pelosi in a recent television interview:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: “Let me ask you about this. What’s this attack on Pelosi and where do you stand on former Speaker Pelosi? Do you like the work she did as Leader?”

KATHY HOCHUL: “She’s done a great job for this country.” (MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 5/10/11)

This aligns her closely with career-candidate Jack Davis, who has previously run three times as a Democrat and boasted that he helped catapult Pelosi into the Speaker’s Chair:

“But after dropping $2.25 million of his own money in one of the most intense and bitter elections in the nation, Davis is smiling now. As Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats prepare to control the House of Representatives, Davis says he believes he was responsible for forcing Reynolds to draw millions of dollars and hundreds of volunteers away from other Republican candidates. And he couldn’t be happier. ‘They can call me a kook or crazy or anything else,’ he said, ‘but the results of my run for Congress did a lot of good.'” (Robert J. McCarthy, “In defeat, Davis revels in stymieing,” The Buffalo News, 11/12/06)

Although Kathy Hochul and Jack Davis have chosen different labels, their commitment to returning to Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat leadership is exactly the same. As voters in Western New York learn more, they like less about what Hochul and Davis have to offer, which is more job-crushing spending and more endless borrowing that leaves future generations indebted to foreign countries like China.

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