Chairman’s Letter to Supporters: Borrowing Their Way to Bankruptcy

June 8, 2011

Dear Supporter,

Borrowing too much and bankrupting Medicare – that’s exactly what the Democrats are doing. It’s crippling our country and hurting our seniors.

With our nation over $14 trillion in debt, 97 Democrats voted to add $2 trillion in new debtwithout any corresponding spending cuts – a reckless action panned by no fewer than 150 economists. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ Medicare Bankruptcy Plan, spearheaded by President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, calls for an immediate 17% cut in Medicare benefits for current seniors or a 24% tax increase – and that’s the best case scenario under the Democrats’ plan.

The Democrat propaganda machine has been in full spin mode to deceive the public about the financial challenges facing Medicare. We cannot let this deception continue.

Please watch this ad exposing Democrat Jerry Costello of Illinois for his vote to bankrupt Medicare. To win in 2012 and put this nation back on the right track, we must defeat as many sitting Democrat Members of Congress as possible – even those from President Obama’s home state of Illinois.

Will you send $3, $5, or $10 today – now – to spend a little in order to help us win the fight against those who will spend too much and are bankrupting Medicare?

The Democrat’s election strategy for 2012, from the President on down, is to deceive the public by burying reality. You and I cannot let this happen – and that is why I am asking for your immediate support to keep ads like these on the air across the country. Act now to expose the realities of the Democrats’ bankrupting agenda.

Thank you,

Pete Sessions
NRCC Chairman

P.S. We must keep the fight to prevent Washington Democrats from giving themselves another credit card. Support the NRCC with a gift of $3, $5, $10 or more, and together we can keep ads like these on the air to expose the Democrats’ devastating agenda.