Chairman’s Letter to Supporters – Your Message Was Heard

September 14, 2011

Dear Supporter,

You did it.Contribute Today!

The President was not on the ballot tonight, but his failed policies were an albatross for the Democrats who were.

By defeating two hand-picked Democrat candidates, you sent Obama a loud and clear message.

Make no mistake: tonight’s wins are great victories. But we aren’t planning on stopping here. To build on tonight’s success, we need your continued support as House Republicans fight the failed policies of President Obama.

Make sure to seize this opportunity. If Republicans can win in deep blue New York City districts, with your support, they can win anywhere.

Tonight, you sent a message to President Obama, but we cannot rest. The stakes are too high, and we need your immediate support to continue to build on these victories.

Your support was critical to these two victories. Please continue to support the NRCC, and next November we can ensure that no Democrat escapes liability for President Obama’s failed policies.


Pete Sessions
NRCC Chairman


P.S. Last November Democrats ignored the electoral message you sent. Please make an immediate contribution today to ensure tonight’s message is heard loud and clear.

By NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions