MADE IN DC: Obama’s Government Healthcare Takeover Bankrupting State Budgets, Destroying Jobs

November 29, 2011

 Obama’s Government Healthcare Takeover Bankrupting State Budgets, Destroying Jobs
States Face Cash Crunch as Healthcare Spending Outpaces Revenues

DC DEMOCRATS STILL DON’T GET IT: Since Obama became president, he and his fellow Washington Democrats have championed job-crushing policies claiming they have laid a “foundation for future growth”:

“These are considerable challenges, but we are in a much stronger position to face them today than when President Obama took office. By taking aggressive action to fix the financial system, reduce growth in health care costs and improve education, we have put the American economy on a firmer foundation for future growth.” (Timothy Geithner, “Welcome to the Recovery,” The New York Times, 8/3/2010)

MADE IN WASHINGTON, DC: A new report exposes how Democrat policies have, in fact, crippled states’ ability to fix the economy as they will spend an “average of 29 percent” more on new healthcare costs imposed by Obama’s government takeover of healthcare that will continue to weaken chances of economy recovery:

“The federal government had provided extra Medicaid help to states as part of the stimulus program. But that help has ended, prompting states to increase their Medicaid spending by an average of 29 percent this fiscal year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“Officials say the fiscal pressure that Medicaid puts on states is expected to increase when the federal health-care overhaul takes effect in 2014.

“The fiscal pressure on states has become a drag on the job market; local and state governments are shedding jobs, even though the private-sector job market has shown signs of improvement.” (Michael A. Flethcer, “States face bleak economic forecast, report says,” The Washington Post, 11/29/2011)