New NRCC TV Ad: What’s Happened to Jim Matheson? He’s Changed

March 9, 2012

New NRCC TV Ad: What’s Happened to Jim Matheson? He’s Changed
Standing by Obama’s Failed Policies, Matheson Turns His Back On Utah Families

Washington — Jim Matheson has changed. That’s the focus of a new television ad released today by the National Republican Congressional Committee that hammers Matheson for turning his back on Utah families and supporting President Obama’s failed stimulus package that squandered away almost $1 trillion in taxpayer money. Utah families have already paid the price for Matheson’s blind allegiance to the wasteful Democrat agenda, and they are worried that he will continue to waste their hard-earned money to further promote the President Obama’s big-government expansion.

“Jim Matheson has changed. He’s now become a proud supporter of President Obama’s crippling economic policies, and Utah voters will remember that when they are considering who should represent them for two more years,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Matheson’s nearly trillion dollar stimulus package was not successful at reviving the economy but it was successful at plaguing struggling families with skyrocketing debt that will burden them for generations to come.”


The script for this ad is as follows:

JIM MATHESON: I’m a Democrat and I’m here to tell you I don’t run from that label.

ANNOUNCER: The Salt Lake Tribune says Matheson votes the Democrat party line the vast majority of the time.

JIM MATHESON: That’s why I, alone among the Utah delegation, supported President Obama’s jobs legislation.

ANNOUNCER: He means Obama’s failed stimulus.

Matheson is Barack Obama’s biggest supporter in Utah.

What’s happened to Jim Matheson?

He’s changed.

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