Revealed: The 8 IRS Offices That Will Handle ObamaCare’s Bureaucracy

May 23, 2013



The IRS has been in the news recently for improperly targeting conservative groups. But it’s worth remembering that come next year, the IRS will have a “dominant role” in ObamaCare. You heard that right: the same agency that is currently under investigation for targeting ordinary Americans for their political beliefs will now act as the “key enforcer” of your healthcare.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner is shedding some light this morning on what exactly this new IRS structure will look like.

According to Bedard, the IRS is planning on creating 8 new offices and “teams” to deal with the government’s takeover of healthcare—more than initially planned.

In even more “comforting” news, Bedard continues on to say that the structure the office uses to deal with ObamaCare will mirror the current bureaucratic structure that the scandal-ridden agency uses.

The structure also allows for “executive steering committees,” “program management offices,” and “working teams” to deal oversee the agency’s role in the law.

It’s also worth remembering that the head of the ObamaCare office will be Sarah Hall Ingram. Ingram was formerly the director of the tax-exempt organizations office–the division under fire for improperly targeting Americans based on their political beliefs.

Executive Steering Committees? Working Teams? The same official who once ran the IRS office tainted by scandal?

Well, I feel better already.

The only thing they need to do now is find someone to put the cover sheet on the TPS reports.

(Photo courtesy of the Washington Examiner)