August 31, 2016

DATE: AUGUST 31, 2016


With the Florida congressional primaries now settled, Democrats will be scrambling to substantiate their bold claims that the House Majority is within reach. To make that argument have the slightest bit of credibility, it would mean they would have to win in key districts in Florida, which will be an uphill fight with their slate of flawed Democratic candidates. Simply put, another lackluster round of Democratic candidates will handcuff the Democrats’ chances to make significant gains in the House this year.

FL-13: David Jolly, R vs. Charlie Crist, D

David Jolly is a strong advocate in Washington who understands that we need to fight against the tax-and-spend policies of Washington Democrats that have hurt our private sector’s ability to create jobs. He has spent his entire career working on behalf of the people of Pinellas County, from serving as a professional staff member in the U.S. Congress, to owning and operating several businesses in the Tampa Bay area representing Florida businesses, colleges and non-profits, to now serving as Pinellas County’s representative in Congress. Jolly’s resume stands in stark contrast to his career politician opponent.

Democrats are left with perennial candidate Charlie Crist who has been consistently rejected at the ballot box ever since he high tailed it out of Tallahassee when things got tough. Under Crist’s failed leadership as governor, Florida lost nearly 800,000 jobs and saw unemployment skyrocket 217 percent. That is a record Crist will have to answer for in the general election.

Overview: PVI: D+3; Obama 50.12% – Romney 48.65%. Florida’s 13th District is located in western Florida and contains an area in Pinellas County. The Cook Political Report rates this race as “Lean Democrat” and the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report rates this race as “Democrat Favored.”

FL-18: Brian Mast, R vs. Randy Perkins, D

Republican Brian Mast is a U.S. Army veteran with a resume of selfless service and sacrifice to his country. He served under the elite Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) as a bomb disposal expert. While on his last deployment in Afghanistan inspecting his very last IED, Mast sustained catastrophic injuries, which included the loss of both his legs. Mast was awarded medals for Valor, Merit, and Sacrifice, including The Bronze Star Medal, The Army Commendation Medal for Valor, The Purple Heart Medal, and The Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

Democrats are left with shady businessman Randy Perkins who is sleazy even by Washington standards. Perkins has made hundreds of millions of dollars off of victims of natural disasters by securing no-bid contracts through quid-pro-quo deals with local politicians. Perkins was also accused of ripping off a local school district by performing unnecessary work and by inflating bills for repairs made to portable classrooms damaged in a hurricane. That is a record that will certainly come back to hurt Perkins in the general election.

Overview: PVI: R+3; Obama 47.56% – Romney 51.72%. Florida’s 18th District is located in eastern Florida and includes an area stretching from Ft. Pierce to Palm Beach. Both the Cook Political Report and the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report rate it as “Toss-up.”

FL-26: Carlos Curbelo, R vs. Joe Garcia, D

Carlos Curbelo has been a strong bipartisan leader who knows how to get things done in Congress for the people of South Florida. Curbelo has proven that he is not afraid to cross party lines if it is best for his constituents. He successfully fought to have an amendment included in the Student Success Act to help non-English speaking students. With $2 million cash on hand, Curbelo will be able to hit the ground running in the general election.

Democrats are left with scandal-plagued former Congressman Joe Garcia who continues to be bogged down by questions surrounding his 2012 campaign that resulted in his chief of staff being convicted and sentenced to jail for election fraud. Garcia’s temper continues to get the best of him, and he was recently overheard by multiple reporters shouting obscenities at a debate moderator. Garcia is left with a significant cash-on-hand disadvantage and a severely damaged relationship with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, who went all-in with their support of Garcia’s primary opponent.

Overview: PVI: EVEN; Obama 53.08 % – Romney 46.35%. Florida’s 26th District is located in south Florida and contains Monroe County and portions of Miami-Dade County. Both the Cook Political Report and the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report rate it as “Toss-up.”


The following are the unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election in Florida.

*Indicates Winner determined by AP

FL-13 – GOP Primary

239 of 239 Precincts Reporting (100%)

David Jolly*                                         (75%)

Mark Bircher                                       (25%)

FL-13 – DEM

Charlie Crist*                                    Uncontested

FL-18 – GOP Primary

302 of 302 Precincts Reporting (100%)

Brian Mast*                                         (38%)

Rebecca Negron                                (26%)

Mark Freeman                                   (16%)

Carl Domino                                         (13%)

Rick Kozell                                             (7%)

Noelle Nikpour                                   (1%)

FL-18 – DEM Primary

302 of 302 Precincts Reporting (100%)

Randy Perkins*                                 (60%)

Jonathan Chane                                (32%)

John Xuna                                            (7%)

FL-26 – GOP

Carlos Curbelo*                            Uncontested

FL-26 – DEM Primary

227 of 227 Precincts Reporting (100%)

Joe Garcia*                                         (51%)

Annette Taddeo                               (49%)