did you see this?

August 31, 2018

In Sharice Davids’ latest ad, she claims she does not support abolishing ICE and that her opponents are wrong about her record.

But here’s the thing – Sharice actually did say she supports abolishing ICE.

And we’re not the only ones who heard her say it:

  • Washington Post: “It’s at that point that Allen asks to clarify if Davids wants to abolish ICE; her full answer is ‘I do, I would, I would — well, you asked me about defunding, which is essentially the same thing, you know?’”
  • KMBC: “In the podcast she’s asked if she supports abolishing ICE. She responds, ‘I do. I would I support – you asked about de-funding, which I think is probably, you know, the same thing.’”
  • Kansas City Star:“‘You asked me about defunding, which I think is probably essentially the same thing. But yeah,’ Davids said on the podcast, which promotes progressive candidates.”
  • Podcast Davids Interviewed with: “We believe in abolishing ICE & after our conversation with her, we wrapped the interview believing we agreed on the subject.”
  • Liberal Activist Sean McElwee: “Reached over the weekend, McElwee said that Davids ‘pretty clearly says she supports abolishing ICE’ in the tape.”

Davids undoubtedly said she supported abolishing ICE and now she’s terrified this radical policy will hurt her in the fall. Davids cannot hide from her reckless record.