CA Dems choose extremism over Californians

January 4, 2019

Democrats, including California freshmen Josh Harder, T.J. Cox, Katie Hill, Katie Porter, Gil Cisneros, Mike Levin and Harley Rouda, have become so radicalized in their hatred of ICE and their desire to turn the United States into a nation without borders that they just voted to leave town without funding the federal government.

That means that Democrats are prioritizing open borders over health care for low income children, paychecks for federal law enforcement officers, Coast Guard safety checks, paychecks for our troops and loans for our farmers.

NRCC Comment: β€œThe Freshman Democratic class may be newly minted, but they have already learned how to put the extremist views of the liberal Democratic establishment ahead of their constituents.” – NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo