the radical Democrats can’t help themselves

January 7, 2019

House Democrats didn’t take long before they showed voters where their radical priorities really lie on taxes. Seeing a booming economy with strong job and wage growth, the party’s extreme liberals just can’t help themselves as they look for ways to crash the economy.

After New York socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went public with her plan to raise the top federal tax rate to 70%, her fellow liberals were quick to voice their approval. In fact, several Democrats even argued that a 70% tax rate is a “moderate” policy and 2020 candidate Julian Castro floated a 90% tax rate.

While the Democrats’ out-of-touch liberal leadership races to the left to compete for the adoration of their radical base, it’s the party’s vulnerable freshmen Representatives who will pay the price for putting their extreme Washington liberal bosses in charge.

NRCC Comment: “If House Democrats think the American people sent them to Washington to radically raise taxes, they are in for a big wake up call. A 70% tax rate isn’t ‘moderate,’ it’s larceny – and voters won’t stand for it.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera