Should the Golden State Killer face the death penalty?

April 11, 2019

Joseph James DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer, raped and killed more than a dozen women in California. 

But House Democrats won’t say if DeAngelo should face the death penalty.

Governor Gavin Newsom has placed a moratorium on the death penalty in California, but Josh Harder, TJ Cox, Katie Hill, Gil Cisneros, Katie Porter and Harley Rouda haven’t commented on the executive order, or the Golden State Killer’s possible sentence.

The Democrats are putting politics before justice for these victims’ families just because they’re in a political pickle.

The death penalty is popular is all of these swing districts, and these Democrats’ constituents heavily voted against abolishing the death penalty in 2016, but god forbid they defy Governor Newsom! 

Here are the numbers:

  • 66.9% voted against repeal in CA-10 (now Josh Harder’s district)
  • 63.2% voted against repeal in CA-21 (now TJ Cox’s district)
  • 64.4% voted against repeal in CA-25 (now Katie Hill’s district)
  • 62.2% voted against repeal in CA-39 (now Gil Cisneros’ district)
  • 60.5% voted against repeal in CA-45 (now Katie Porter’s district)
  • 60.6% voted against repeal in CA-48 (now Harley Rouda’s district)