WIBX First News: Chairman Emmer Blasts Anthony Brindisi for Voting for Pelosi’s Partisan Socialist Wish List

May 22, 2020

 “When you are giving stimulus checks to illegal immigrants… when you are literally letting murders and rapists out of jail, that is a political vote. That is not a solution.”

In case you missed it, NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer blasted Anthony Brindisi on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning for putting politics ahead of NY-22 and voting for Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion socialist boondoggle.  

For his part, Brindisi has been praising the package, which gives $1,200 direct stimulus payments to illegal immigrants, releases prisoners, including murderers and rapists from jail, and allows taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood.  

Click HERE to listen to the interview.