NRCC Announces Initial $52M Fall Ad Reservation

June 8, 2022

WASHINGTON — The NRCC today announced its initial ad buy for the fall, detailing $52.3M in spending to help reclaim the House majority.

The buy spans 28 TV markets and is more than double the $23M the NRCC initially placed last cycle.

Additional reservations will be made as the cycle develops.

“Today’s $52M investment is a warning shot to every vulnerable Democrat who decided they wanted to lose reelection instead of retire,” said NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer. “We are going to relentlessly remind Americans they are worse off than a year and a half ago because Democrats’ policies have created sky-high inflation, soaring violent crime and a crisis along our southern border. This fall voters are going to restore a Republican majority in the House and bring competent leadership back to Washington.”

The NRCC’s first round of ad reservations are as follows:

– Phoenix (AZ02, AZ04):  $2.595m

– Tucson (AZ06):  $1.26m

– Fresno (CA22, CA13):  $2.1m

– Bakersfield (CA22):  $2.7m

– Los Angeles (CA27, CA40, CA45, CA47, CA49):  $2.2m

– Des Moines (IA03):  $1.04m

– Bangor (ME02):  $1.14m

– Portland (ME02):  $2m

– Presque Isle (ME02):  $480,000

– Lansing (MI07):  $2.83m

– Detroit (MI07, MI10):  $3.58m

– Flint (MI08):  $875,000

– Minneapolis (MN02):  $2.61m

– Raleigh (NC13):  $2.17m

– Omaha (NE02):  $1.625m

– Boston (NH01, NH02):  $3.48m

– Philadelphia (PA07, NJ03):  $3.3m

– NYC Cable (NJ07):  $1.25m

– Albuquerque (NM01, NM02, NM03):  $1.1m

– El Paso (NM02):  $720,000

– Cincinnati (OH01):  $1.35m

– Toledo (OH09):  $960,000

– Wilkes-Barre (PA08):  $2.75m

– Pittsburgh (PA17):  $2.96m

– Harlingen (TX15, TX28, TX34):  $2.251m

– San Antonio (TX15, TX28):  $687,600

– La Crosse (WI03):  $990,000

– Wausau (WI03):  $1.17m