Golden praises Dems’ latest reckless spending bill but refuses to say how he’ll vote

August 3, 2022

Surprise, surprise…Jared Golden has found his regular perch straddling the fence once again.

Golden praised Democrats’ newest proposed reckless spending spree that the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation found would raise taxes by $16.7 billion on American taxpayers making less than $200,000 in 2023.

But in typical Golden fashion, he won’t say whether he’ll vote for it in the House and didn’t say a word about the implications for middle-class Maine taxpayers.

NRCC Comment: “The fact that Jared Golden is even considering voting for legislation that would hike taxes for middle-class Mainers in the middle of a recession is shameful. Golden might be waiting for marching orders from his party bosses, but he would do well to remember he works for the people of ME-02.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock