Katie Porter mocks Californians’ concerns about spending bill

August 17, 2022

Katie Porter recently appeared on MSNBC claiming Republicans’ worries about the IRS targeting the middle class with tens of thousands of new IRS agents is “a load of malarky.” 

Experts disagree.

A Manhattan Institute senior fellow says “the income breakdown of the new audits is not clear and will be determined over the time by the IRS… clearly, the IRS does not need tens of thousands of new agents just to audit 800 billionaires, or even America’s millionaires – there will be a large population of agents left over to audit the middle class.”

NRCC COMMENT: “Katie Porter promised and failed to deliver tax relief for Orange County residents. Instead, she voted to hire an army of IRS agents to harass them.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair