Silver Spoon Seth glosses over his own privilege in new ad

September 22, 2022

Seth Magaziner is pretending he isn’t an insider who’s had everything in his life handed to him in his latest ad.

Magaziner says he’s for a stock trading ban because “public officials should serve the people, not get rich off their positions” – but Magaziner was one of only five Rhode Island officials who got a nearly 5% raise in 2018.

And did Silver Spoon Seth forget the only reason he’s in public office is because his daddy and their wealthy friends paved the way for him (with the help of a mysterious $800,000 loan)?

NRCC Comment: “Silver Spoon Seth Magaziner is the ultimate political insider who would be nowhere without the help of his rich and well-connected father and their Wall Street friends.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock